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July 1st - Reiki Level 1  10am - 1pm

Learn how to facilitate your own healing. Reiki is easy to learn and practice. Its helps to heal physical and emotional blockages so that our life force energy can flow unimpeded which leads to increased energy and vitality.

During this training you will learn to practice self Reiki, learn about the Seven Chakras, receive Reiki Level One attunement and a Reiki Level One Certificate in the Usui Method of Reiki.

The cost is $200.00 and a deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your space.

Frauke Voss - Feldenkrais Method - 17th July - 9th August.

Frauke will be here offering private sessions in The Feldenkrais Method .

Head, Neck and Shoulders - and the use of the eyes with Frauke Voss.
July 21st 130pm to 430pm at Spirit House, Middle Road Devonshire

In this workshop we will explore the integration of the neck into the spine, the role of the ribs in health of the neck and shoulders, and specifically the relationship of the last vertebra in the neck and the first vertebra of the upper back, namely C7 and T1. These two vertebrae form a cross road for transmission of force:  vertically, from the ground via the pelvis to the head and neck, and horizontally, from one shoulder to the other. Often free transmission is not possible, and we end up with a bottleneck instead that does not allow “traffic” to flow freely and causes pain or reduced function.
Three Awareness through Movement® (ATM) lesson will bring greater awareness into this area, reducing tension and discomfort while at the same time increasing the functional length of the neck.
You will feel increased freedom in the upper back, neck and shoulders, and your walk will become more balanced as your head shifts more easily from one foot to the other as you walk. It goes without saying that your breathing will improve as well!
Cost is $150.00

Chakra Clearing Workshop July 13th 6pm to 8pm & July 15th 10am to 1pm

This is an intense two session workshop using a powerful therapy called Rohun in a group setting.  You will discover  the unhealthy thoughts and feelings that can get trapped in our chakras, creating dis-ease of energy and unhealthy patterns in our lives.  We will focus on four major areas: Unworthiness, fearfulness, helplessness,judgement

With guided meditations no energy work and discussion we will work on releasing trapped energy and create a feeling of peace and happiness to move forward in our lives.   The cost is $148.00.  

Reiki Level 2 - August 19th 10am - 2pm 
More details to follow 

Discover Your Intuitive Self Part 1 - Sept 9th

We all got it! That Sixth Sense a knowing beyond the physical, it could be a gut feeling or something you hear deep in your mind, it could be a fleeting vision that constantly  nags your attention.  
Intuition - Isn't it time to develop yours?
In this intense one day class, we will explore and learn about:
Intuitive Energy, Auras, The Human Energy field, reading energy, Spirit Guides, Meditation and lots more.

Facilitators: Dr. Deryn Higgins and Dr. Karen Simons.  
Cost is $150.00 and a $75.00 non refundable deposit is required by August 31st,2018

Crystals 101 - Sept 21st & 24th - 6pm to 830pm

Join us for a fun interative two session workshop about crystals.
We will discuss how crystals work and affect us
Clearing and Charging Crystals
Meditating with Crystals
Healing Properties of Crystals
Use of Crystals for home and work
Body layouts and grids for beginners.

The course is $125.00 and includes a set of crystals and a meditation crystal.
A $50.00 deposit is required to secure your space.

Inner Sanctuary Training - October 10th, 17th, 23rd, 25th and 30th.
More details to follow 

Helen Stott -  Intuitive Oct 22nd - 4th November
Helen will be back offerings healing sessions, readings and workshops. More details to come,.

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