My Sereni Tea - Holistic Center - Find Your Peace Within


Reiki Level Two  May 20th 10am - 2pm

July 1st - Reiki Level 1  10am - 1pm

Chakra Clearing Workshop July 13th 6pm to 8pm & July 15th 10am to 1pm

This is an intense two session workshop using a powerful therapy called Rohun in a group setting.  You will discover  the unhealthy thoughts and feelings that can get trapped in our chakras, creating dis-ease of energy and unhealthy patterns in our lives.  We will focus on four major areas: Unworthiness, fearfulness, helplessness,judgement

With guided meditations no energy work and discussion we will work on releasing trapped energy and create a feeling of peace and happiness to move forward in our lives.   The cost is $148.00.  

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