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Taking Care of our Spine -Feldenkrais Workshop with Frauke Voss
February 3rd  130pm - 430pm - Spirit House, Middle Road, Devonshire

In this workshop we will examine in some detail the functions of flexing and extending. It is a great beginning for the New Year to regain the tensile strength of the spine and to be able to to rely on the length of the spinal column as you walk , sit or play.
Cost is $150.00.   

Introduction to Chakras - Feb 1st  6pm - 830pm
This workshop will help you to understand what Chakras are and how important they are to your life to create happiness, peace and good 

You will learn about:
The 7 Major Chakras - names and locations and how they relate to our glandular system and organs and emotions 

How they affect our behaviour when open and blocked 

How to maintain a healthy energy field 

practical exercises you can do at home to keep them in good shape 

You will also receive a Chakra assessment prior to the class. 

Cost for this workshop is $68.00 A deposit of $25.00 is required to secure your space and for the appointment for the chakra assessment. 
Please call the shop at 296-2114 to reserve your space

Let Go , Forgive, Be Free - Feb 8th, 15th and 22nd.
6pm- 8pm 

Are you holding onto a resentment and grudge that is chaining you to the past? When you see the person or hear their name what do you do?
There is another way by learning how to honestly forgive and release the pain creating that freedom and love for yourself.  Sometimes we have intentions of doing this and we procrastinate and don't do the work.  Being accountable to someone works.  I invite you to do this with me. We will do this together with a series of written work and assignments and a healing session.  You deserve to enjoy and love your life, you will feel a burden off your shoulders and love yourself more after completing this 3 week workshop.
The cost is $148.00. A 50.00 deposit is required to secure your space.

The Shamanic Journey: Heal from within  Feb 10th 1-5pm 

During this basic experiential workshop, you will be introduced to the world of Shamanism. You will experience common ways in which Shaman enter non ordinary realities for the purpose of problem solving and healing.  We will focus on the remarkable, class shamanic journey and nature to access a whole new universe.  The cost is 150.00 and a 75.00 non refundable deposit is due by Jan 27th to secure your space. The workshop is taught by Dr. Karen Simon and held at Spirit House, middle road in Devonshire. 

Chakra Clearing Workshop - Feb 11th 10am - 4pm 

This is an intense full day workshop using a powerful therapy called Rohun in a Group Setting 

You will discover the unhealthy thoughts and feelings that can get trapped in our chakras, creating dis-ease of energy and unhealthy patterns in our lives, 

We will focus on four major areas: Unworthiness Fearfulness Helplessness Judgement. 

With guided meditations and energy work and discussion we will work on releasing the trapped energy and create a feeling of peace and happiness to move forward in our lives. 
the cost of this workshop is $148.00 

A helpful prerequisite is having a general knowledge of the chakras or to take the Introduction to Chakra workshop. 

A deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your space.

Chakras 101 - Feb 23rd & 26th 6pm to 830pm

Join us for a fun interactive two session workshop about Crystals
We will discuss how crystals work and affect us'
Clearing and charging crystals
Meditating with Crystals
Healing properties of crystals
Use of crystals for home and work
Body layouts and grids for beginners

This course is 125.00 and includes a set of crystals and a meditation crystal.

Discovering Your Intuitive Self -  Part 1   - Feb 25th, 2018
9:30am to 6:00pm

We've all got it!
That Sixth sense a knowing beyond the physical.... it could be a gut feeling or something you hear deep in your mind; it could be a fleeting vision that constantly nags your attention.

Isn't it time to develop yours?
In this intensive one day class, we will explore and learn about:
Intuitive energy, Auras, The Human Energy Field, Reading Energy, Spirit Guides, Meditation and lots more.

Cost is $150.00.  $75.00 non refundable deposit is required by Jan 31st, 2018 to secure your space.
Reiki Level One  Certification  March 4th
10am - 1pm

Steve Judd Astrology Readings - March 8th - 19th, 2018
Steve Judd will be coming out from the UK to conduct a one day workshop and private astrological readings. His readings are 30 mins and 60 mins. 

Astrology Workshop with Steve Judd - March 11th 930am to 515pm.

Steve will discuss the following aspects of astrology in this full day workshop:
Astrological Language
Different signs and house of the zodiac
The Ascendent and Midheaven
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
The invisible planets
Health issues in the horoscope
Transits and Progressions

Cost $160.00 and a $25.00 deposit is required to secure your space.

Reiki Level Two Certification  - March 18th 10am - 2pm 
Are you ready to continue your Reiki journey?
Reiki 2 doubles the amount of energy you can hold and channel after Reiki 1. Students report an increased intuitive capability, more life-force energy, happier emotions, more positive thoughts - and they can get 'out there' as a professional healer, if they wish to. It's a wonderful step forward, so if you feel ready read on!

In the class you will learn:-
Practices to increase your spiritual awareness
How to scan the Aura and Chakras for energy blockages
How to cleanse the Aura
How to do distance healing
How to heal the past
The three Reiki 2 Symbols, which increase your power, mental and emotional clarity
How to give a Reiki 2 treatment
How to conduct yourself as a Reiki 2 Practitioner

You will receive your Sacred Reiki 2 Attunement, practice at least one healing with guidance from the facilitator and receive your Reiki 2 Certification, stating that you are a Reiki 2 Practitioner.

Cost of workshop is $300.00 and includes attunement and workbook.
A $75.00 deposit is required to secure your space

 Helen Stott Readings and Healing Sessions - May 1st - 12th.

Helen is from the UK and draws over 25 years of experience , working as a healer, spiritual counsellor and facilitator of numerous workshops, self development and healing programmes.  Her readings and healings are held in an open and heart centered energy, and offer you a  space to clarify and questions you may have
A consultation can include: a reading, relationship readings, soul purpose and life direction readings, Healing, chakra and aura readings, spiritual counselling and guidance.
Readings are one hour  or  a half hour. Healing sessions are one hour.  For more information and to make an appointment please call the shop.

Soul Pathway a weekend workshop with Helen Stott  May 5th & 6th.

Have you ever wondered why you are here and what you came to do? 
Discovering your soul purpose is key to living a joy-filled and meaningful life.  
Your soul long ago took the lead on your life’s journey, and is always guiding you to your soul purpose. 
Working with the colour and vibration of the soul rays, this weekend workshop is designed to reconnect you to your soul’s path and wisdom.   
This journey together will  • Give you a clear vision of your soul’s intention and path for this life 
• Help you find direction and purpose • Give you an understanding of your unique gifts and qualities • Show you how to use these qualities to improve your life and that of others 
The cost of this workshop is $250.00 and includes a light lunch and snacks on both days. A $75.00 non refundable deposit is required to secure your space.   

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