My Sereni Tea - Holistic Center - Find Your Peace Within


We sell loose leaf tea, by the ounce and also tea in tea bags.

Here are some of the popular ones that we offer.

To show our appreciation and gratitude to our wonderful home Bermuda, , we are proud and honored to announce the launch of... the My Sereni-Tea Bermuda Tea Line. (organic)  An introductory sale, for the duration of this entire week, we present two flavorful Bermuda teas:

Bermuda Nights: chamomile, ginger and orange. Naturally decaffeinated, an aromatic warm nocturnal soother that gently cradles and prepares you for a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

 Pink Sands: green sencha, hibiscus and lemongrass. Delicate, exotic and floral, this is Bermuda in a tea cup, all senses are heightened and tickled, leaving you deeper in love in the now. Watch this space for our wellness blends in 2018 when we will be making your chi pound for cha!

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