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Discover Your Intuitive Self Part 1 - Sept 9th
We all got it! That Sixth Sense a knowing beyond the physical, it could be a gut feeling or something you hear deep in your mind, it could be a fleeting vision that constantly  nags your attention.  
Intuition - Isn't it time to develop yours?
In this intense one day class, we will explore and learn about:
Intuitive Energy, Auras, The Human Energy field, reading energy, Spirit Guides, Meditation and lots more.

Facilitators: Dr. Deryn Higgins and Dr. Karen Simons.  
Cost is $150.00 and a $75.00 non refundable deposit is required by August 31st,2018

Inner Sanctuary Training - Know Your True Self
Sept 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th and 25th  630pm to 830pm

*Renew your beaten spirit and rejuvenate your zest for life
*Connect at the deepest level with your true self
*Experience the healing of your emotional pain worry and heatache
*Receive insight and guidance
*Create what you want in your life
*Replace negative inner self talk with the power of positive thinking

A Powerful and transformational 5 Session program.  The most important tool you will receive in your lifetime.  Cost is $250.00. A certificate from Delphi University will be given upon completion.  No App can give you this experience and instruction.

Crystals 101 - Sept 21st & 24th - 6pm to 830pm

Join us for a fun interative two session workshop about crystals.
We will discuss how crystals work and affect us
Clearing and Charging Crystals
Meditating with Crystals
Healing Properties of Crystals
Use of Crystals for home and work
Body layouts and grids for beginners.

The course is $125.00 and includes a set of crystals and a meditation crystal.
A $50.00 deposit is required to secure your space.
 Discover Your Intuitive Self Part 2 - Oct 20th and 21st.

Helen Stott -  Intuitive Oct 22nd - 4th November
Helen will be back offerings healing sessions, readings and workshops. 

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