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5 Good Reasons to get your Energy Balanced  with Reiki

1.It releases energy blockages so you feel energetically lighter and happier.

 Everything in the universe vibrates, including people. We are vibrating energy bundles. Energy healers help to pull out stagnant and stuck energy — after just one session, you'll feel more expansive and blissful. More often than not, you probably won't even realize you're carrying around all that lower energy until it's cleared away

 2. It clears stress and tension to allow deep relaxation.

 Stress is just not felt in our heads, but in our entire bodies. By clearing and releasing energetic heaviness and blockages, you can deeply relax and heal. 

 3. It accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself and increases vitality.

 Energy healing is a great complement to traditional, allopathic medical practices. One way that energy healers can support you is by being conduits of universal energy. Energy healers open themselves up as a channel to bring life force into the client’s body.

 4. It can help with acute injuries, chronic health issues and relieve pain.

 The body’s natural state is health and vibrancy. It automatically knows how to heal itself. This incredible intelligence works independently of your mind. Dis-ease in the body often shows us what needs work and what we still need to learn. Because energy flows to where attention goes, it is a powerful force. Energy healing activates and energizes the body’s natural ability to heal. Lower back pain can be a physical manifestation of fear, related to survival issues. Clearing the associated chakra and organ of these blocks can bring much-needed relief over time.

5. Energy balancing can help clear negative emotional and mental thought patterns.

 Unexpressed emotions can get stuck in the body tissue. Ruminating over what happened in the past and feeling anxiety over the future creates what we call monkey chatter in the brain. When this chatter goes on and on, without your taking time to meditate or calm the mind, creates a blockage. We liken this block to a little dam, in what should be a flowing river of energy. When energy can't flow through that area effectively, we often feel stuck and wonder if we could ever rid ourselves of these thoughts and feelings. When we are stuck/blocked, this negative energy builds up and illness and dis-ease can result.

Reiki is a form of energy balancing. This is covered by Coral Isle Insurance under holistic therapies. 

Reiki and Jin Shin are covered by CG Insurance

For your energy cleansing/balancing, book an appointment with Dr. Deryn (Reiki) or Dr. Karen (Jin Shin Jyutsu, also known as Jin Shin) at My Sereni-Tea, 296-2114

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