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“The level of service at My Sereni Tea - Holistic Center is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”


My Serenity-tea is my spiritual oasis. When I visit I feel uplifted, spiritually, mentally & physically. There is no judgement within their walls, just acceptance, harmony and a sense of balance. Whether I am attending one of your fantastic holistic fairs, getting a treatment, a reading or coming for a book, new crystals, oracle cards, or that unique gift - I always leave feeling that Spirit guided me - even if only in a small way. Wishing you continued success in the many years to come.


I was recommended to My Sereni-Tea a few months ago by my brother because I was having severe migraine headaches and shoulder pain and not sleeping more then 3 hours per night, that has been going on for years. I was treated by Dr. Karen and by the 4 visit to her my stress pains in my shoulders had decreased I was sleeping for 6-7 hours per night. I haven't had a headache since. I'm grateful for the knowledge and understanding that Dr. Karen gave me. She has changed my life for the better, for tha r I truly appreciate her and My Sereni-Tea. Thank you


I had heard about My serenitea but after being on the island for 6 months had never visited until coming to a taster session open day and a having crystal healing session with Deryn, at the time I was struggling to find my place on the island and felt heavy in heart and soul, I was working a lot and felt somewhat directionless, but on meeting Deryn and starting my taster session of crystal healing I felt lighter, like somebody cared and understood despite me not telling her the circumstances of my life. I visited to inquire about a treatment, bought some crystals and spoke to Deryn again some time later and even being in her presence felt a release of pent up emotion that thankfully I waited till I got home to let out. People often go to see their doctor for things that are troubling or ailing them and sometimes that is necessary but I have as much if not more faith in the powers and benefits of good quality centers such as my serenitea and practitioners such as Deryn for helping me when I am in need. I am long overdue a visit for a treatment so I will most certainly see you soon regardless but this is my testimonial to you and my belief in the good that can be gained from my serenitea.


Deryn created and held a safe place for me, using her beautiful resonating soft voice which anchored and grounded me, as I stepped into the flow of healing. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy which will includes regression allowed me to explore the Aladdin's Cave of my mind, and identified the root or core emotional blockages that was hindering my growth and advancement in my everyday life. At the end, I felt so much love, peace and resolve, and would highly recommend this session to those who are looking for guidance, meaning, vision and much more. I feel more connected to me than I did before the session and I am beginning to see myself in a whole new light.

Thank you. N.S.

I found my experience of the Inner Sanctuary Meditation Training to be life-changing. I had always had some quite serious issues with lack of self-confidence which had caused me to enter into unhealthy relationships and be treated badly at work. Through using the Inner Sanctuary, I have been able to better silence the inner critic which had been holding me back for far too long. I have also made the most excellent group of friends from my connection with the ladies who also did the training. Inner Sanctuary is now a way of life for me. I’m so glad I started the journey, and can’t thank Deryn enough for her hard work, patience, love and wisdom.


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